The Project in the News

Research team members of Vegetables Go to School, Nepal in collaboration with Dept. of Education, Dept. of Health Services and Nepal Agriculture Research Council (Horticulture Research Division) prepared a short documentary highlighting the project outputs.

Vegetables Go to School: Growing strong!
Fresh, the AVRDC Newsletter
27 June 2014

Tanzania kunufaika na mradi wa Mbogamboga mashuleni
(Tanzania to benefit from the project Vegetables Go to School)
Dewiji Blog
29 November 2013

International Year of Family Farming: Teaching Gardens Create Healthier, More Informed Students
Food Tank
1 November 2013

Learning to grow, growing to learn
Fresh, the AVRDC Newsletter
11 September 2013

School gardens set to thrive in South Asia
Fresh, the AVRDC Newsletter
10 June 2013

The new golden rule: grow vegetables at school
Fresh, the AVRDC Newsletter
14 September 2012