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Inception Workshop of the Last Phase of the Vegetable Go to School (VGtS) Project.

Policy inception workshop was organized by Swiss Tropical Public Health (Swiss TPH) Institute from 2nd till 5th August 2016. The policy workshop was aimed on three aspects; (1) to establish a shared understanding how each project partner will contribute to achieving the common goal of the last phase of the project, (2) to develop a common understanding of all project partners how evidence based policies are developed and packaged and lobbied to be put into action into on the national/district/province plans; and (3) to make sure all responsible project partners know how to operate the Collaborative Research Environment (CRE) platform developed University of Freiburg (ALU). The workshop was attended by all the Country (Indonesia, Nepal, Bhutan, Burkina Faso and Philippines) and Research (ALU, Swiss TPH and WorldVeg) partners along with the members of Donor organization.

Mr. Anu Lannen, a policy expert from Centre for Development and Environment joined the workshop in order to give an overview of drafting evidence based policy briefs, which was followed by another expert, Dr. Christian von L├╝bke, from Arnold-Bergstraesser Institute who gave an insight on designing a research based policy road map, by identifying key actors and taking bottom up and top down measures to achieve desired outcomes. Furthermore, an in-depth training on the CRE was provided by ALU to the country participants, ensuring that all the country members have proper access to the data with its operating protocols, along with acknowledging that the CRE can potentially be a source not only for planning and publications but also for the policy work. Open discussions were held among the participants regarding the organization of policy workshops and designing the policy briefs for each country. Country partners shared their experiences regarding policy making and institutional settings, which were further taken up to identify implications for shaping the policy briefs for each partner.

At the end of the workshop it was decided that every country would submit their Gantt charts as a planning tool for the policy roadmaps and would be provided with continuous support from the research partners to successfully achieve the outcomes for the last phase of the project.

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